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Recent Sermons

The Sanctity Of Marriage – Dangerous Declarations #4 – 08/14/2016

Part one of a two-part message on the DANGEROUS DECLARATION that MARRIAGE IS A LIFE-LONG COMMITMENT BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. Two of three biblical truths in this simple statement are tackled scripturally this week – Marriage without divorce is God’s DESIRE. Part two will tackle the biblical truth that God’s DESIGN for Marriage

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Christian Politics – Dangerous Declarations #3 – 08/07/2016

This is the first message in the Dangerous Declarations series that actually seeks to apply the biblical convictions of the previous week’s to a “hot button” issue stemming from our culture. This week’s topic is “CHRISTIAN POLITICS”, and with it Marty seeks to look at the many Scriptures that give a foundation and guidance for

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God’s Word Is Final Word – Dangerous Declarations #2 – 07/31/2016

In the second message of the Dangerous Declarations series, Marty returns to the distinction between preference and conviction in regards to faith. Convictions must be on solid truth, and the only place to find that is in God’s Word and to accept it as the Final Authority in Life and Practice.   Click Here To

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Obeying God, Not Men – Dangerous Declarations #1 – 07/24/2016

In this 1st week of a series directed to the church & her response to the society that is often in opposition to Christ’s message, Marty asks the question: What does the the biblical Declaration, “We Must Obey God Rather Than Men” (Acts 5:29) mean to us. Is it merely a convenient expression, a preference

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Kingdom Workers – 07/17/2016

Kingdom Workers – CIY MOVE 2016. Student Minister Kyle Maune shares some experiences from the CIY MOVE trip and a lesson on what it means to be a Kingdom Worker – a Christian who uses their sphere of influence to proclaim the Gospel message. What does it take to be a Kingdom Worker? What does

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Is Jesus The Only Way? – 07/10/2016

Elder Jim Blain brings us a message answering the question, “Is Jesus the only way?” Listen as Jim takes us through John 14:5-7.   Click Here To Listen To The Message NOW!

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