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Who We Are

We Are A Non-Denominational Christian Church

(We may not look exactly like the picture on the right, but it’s not about looks!)photo-indexpage1

What is a non-denominational Christian church?

About 5,000 congregations in the United States today consider themselves as part of the fellowship of independent Christian churches. They do not comprise a denomination, and there is no organization of national or international oversight. Each church is locally autonomous. Despite diversity in many areas, the churches have much in common:

• A Common Understanding Of Scripture
• A Common Heritage
• A Common Goal: To restore the simplicity of the biblical pattern so that Christians united         can connect the world to the God who made them and desires their relationship with Him.

These 5,500 congregations have a total membership of over 1.5 million Christians. They support more than 40 colleges, universities and seminaries with more than 10,000 students. They also support hundreds of parachurch organizations, including church camps, church planting associations, children’s homes, campus ministries, publishing houses and benevolent agencies. They participate in regional and national conventions, and benefit in taking opportunities for cooperation in ministry.


Our History

The birth of Vernal Christian Church took place in modest surroundings – a mobile home owned by Mr.& Mrs. A.R. Meek in July 1974. The first gatherings were a series of weekly and bi-weekly home Bible studies led by members of the Craig Christian Church of Craig, CO. Attendance and interest from those Bible studies sparked an evangelistic revival held in November of 1974. With a congregation growing too large for the Meek’s trailer, the new congregation began renting the Vernal Scout House on First North and 200 East in downtown Vernal later in that same month, meeting each Sunday in their new “chapel.”

The Scout House – 1974-1978

In January of 1975 the church was chartered and met regularly in the Scout House through summer of 1978. Also in 1975 a generous gift of property on West 750 S (directly across from the original Meek home Bible study location) was donated by church members, Harry & Helen Darnell. Many love offerings and hours of hard work were contributed by members of the congregation to complete the building for the Lord. In September 1978, VCC relocated from the Scout House to their new building at 1845 W 750 S.

The “First” Building – 1978-1999 – Worship & Fellowship Center

During the early years of the church’s life, many fine families and individuals served the congregation. Enthusiasm and vision by ministers and members of VCC, coupled with the blessing of significant growth by the Lord, led the church in November of 1992 to begin a new building program designed to accommodate a growing worship congregation, while dedicating the earlier building to an Education Center. Another generous donation of the property adjacent to the first building provided the location, and the VCC elders affirmed that they would “build without borrowing”. Through record fundraising efforts and significant labor provided by church members, the “New Building” was completed, and finally dedicated in July 1999.

1999-Present – Education Building & Home of UBCA

A small Christian Day School enterprise, Uintah Basin Christian Academy, was launched in the fall of 1999. Supportive parents and individuals renovated the “old building,” now the Educational Building to provide for a student body of 27 in that first year, taught by 5 teachers. In 2002 a double-wide modular building was readied for an expanding school population. Today, UBCA has a full time faculty, administration & staff of 14 and a student body, pre-school – 8th grade of over 140 located at a 32,000 sq. ft facility on the 5.5 acres adjoining the present VCC campus, built completely debt free!

On the church front, in February of 2001 the church’s present minister and his family, Marty & Diane Young and youngest son, Grant, came to serve with VCC. Since then the church has experienced steady growth. A full schedule of LIFE Groups and small group Bible Studies have come into being, missions awareness and giving has reached historical heights, in August of 2014, Kyle Maune was hired as the full-time Student Minister, and in August of 2015 Pj Sribuarat was hired as the full-time Children’s Minister.

But, it’s not about growth for numbers’ sake. It’s about individuals who have come to know Jesus Christ as Savior, marriages that have been saved, families that have been solidified, addictions that have been conquered, sins that have been avoided, needy people who have been helped, missionaries that are being supported around the globe, and fellowship and joy that have been experienced by His ongoing ministry here.

The needs created by a growing congregation causes us to look with enthusiasm to see what new and exciting things the Lord has in store for us in the coming years. Our hearts are full – our lives are blessed – our Lord is good.


Our MissionTo Know Christ And Make Him Known!

cp_wph_missionvisionLike most evangelical churches, the mission of Vernal Christian Church is simple and straight forward, “To know Christ and make Him known.”

These simple words certainly communicate the heart of our church. More specifically, the mission is to engage and impact the community and culture of northeast Utah by meeting needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

We strive to be a body of believers seeking to live lives in a vibrant growing relationship with Christ, demonstrated by heart-felt worship in truth, a commitment to being equipped for service, and an intentional and passionate outreach to the community.

As we deepen our commitment and experience in those areas, such an expression of life in the body will accomplish the goal of bringing glory to God in all things.


Our Vision – Engage, Influence, Impact And Transform Lives For Christ!

God has granted us a vision for Vernal, the Uintah Basin and beyond. It is a vision that focuses on people. It begins with our children and youth and extends to our senior population of our area.

We are committed to enhancing existing programs that minister to young families, single parents and those with a great need, but we are further committed to the aggressive development of programs and ministries designed to impact all groups being influenced by our ministry.

Never before has the opportunity been greater to impact a city for Jesus Christ. We believe that our vision for the future will introduce programs that impact virtually every facet of community life, regionally and globally.

We are trusting God, that the “fingerprints of Jesus” will be seen throughout our city because, by His mercy and grace, He will use our congregation.

Strategic PlanStrategic Planning1

Our efforts to reach Vernal and the Uintah Basin will require a multi-faceted effort focused on each group to whom God has called us to serve. We recognize that the future of our congregation does not merely center upon growing numbers in the near future, but will also require a new generation to take our place.

Components of a comprehensive strategic plan include:

  • Expanding ministry opportunities to the children & youth.
  • A strong emphasis in family ministries.
  • Senior ministry and support.
  • Increased outreach to those in desperate need.
  • Building our missionary outreach.
  • Partnering with other neighboring Christian congregations in common efforts for engaging the community through seminars, workshops, concerts, camps, and, of course, Uintah Basin Christian Academy.

Our commitment to these program enhancements and changes will be reflected in facilities designed specifically to meet the growing needs of our church and school.

Our plan is a bold plan, but a plan we can reach together through prayer and equal sacrifice.

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