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Student Minister

Meet Kyle, Our Student Minister!

81786476_10157931576834539_3652708838722764800_oHe’s quite the energetic guy, if you didn’t pick up on that from his selfie! Kyle Maune was hired in the Fall of 2014 to lead the Student Ministries here at VCC, and he has been a huge blessing to the students and families of our church. Whether it’s leading a night at Youth Group or speaking from the stage Sunday morning, Kyle keeps a smile on his face and will share a laugh with you anytime you need one!

Kyle comes from a land far away known as the state of Missouri. He was born and raised his entire life in Washington, MO with his father, mother and three brothers. After high school, Kyle’s desire to pursue full-time youth ministry led him to Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO where he spent the next four years of his life training and preparing for the very ministry he has been called to today. He graduated from OCC in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Student Ministry. After spending the summer working for CIY MIX, he made the long trip up here to Vernal, and he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else!

87207946_2966493106749911_2079386073938526208_oMinistering to teens has always been a strong passion within Kyle since he was in high school. Growing up in a youth group, he realized the positive effects it had on his life, and he desires to share those lasting impressions that can only come about through the love of Christ with everyone he comes into contact with.

Kyle’s motto for youth ministry? “Simply living life together in pursuit of Jesus.” That’s what you’ll get with Kyle. A man who’s heart and soul are driven towards building up the Kingdom of God in any  ways he can.

Don’t just take our word for it though!

Get to know Kyle’s story and share your own story with him!

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