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WinGS (Women in God’s Service)

WinGS (Women in God’s Service)


page53_picture0_2WinGS is a support ministry of Vernal Christian Church for the women within the congregation.  WinGS is open to all ladies who attend VCC and want to be a part of some amazing fellowship that takes place in the group.  Our purpose is to support the women of VCC through planning events that strive to deepen relationships with our sisters in Christ and to aid with all church events.  We also help VCC by adding a woman’s touch to the church through decorating for various seasons and events.

One of our core values as a group is service. As such, one of the main projects in our ministry is to help provide meals for those who are ill or recovering from hospital stays, send cards for birthdays and anniversaries, take care of robes after baptisms, and supply other needs as they come up like appliances for the kitchen or banners for the sanctuary. We take service to be both within the church doors and outside of them as well.

The project closest to our hearts is supporting missions around the world.  Currently we support Christian Children’s Ranch, Christian Seminary, Haitian Christian Mission, Impact Campus Ministries, Key Radio, K-Love radio, Kulpahar Kids Home, Medical Missions of India, Rapha House, Rapha House Kids Club, Tri-Grace Ministries, UBCA Building Fund and World Vision.

Currently, our meetings are on the third Sunday of the month following the worship service. We would like to invite all ladies to join us!  We value everyone’s input into the Women’s Ministry of VCC, and we would love to hear new ideas as to how we can better serve the women of VCC. Thanks!

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