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Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Service starts at 10 am. If you have any infants or toddlers you would like to drop off at the nursery you may do so before the start of the service. Children will be dismissed to children’s church (grades Pre-K through 6th grade) during the service after opening worship.

Congregation-Worshipping-Close-Up-02-e1328223497575We usually start the service with an opening worship song. Feel free to worship in whatever ways feel most comfortable. We invite you to sing along with the Worship Team, lift your hands, or reflect on what the song means to you.

During greeting time, we hope you will get the chance to meet others around you.  Who knows? The person beside you might be here for the first time as well! You will see a lot of moving around as people greet and talk with each other. Feel free to join in! The Worship Team will bring everyone together when the greeting time ends.

After the children are dismissed to children’s church, Pastor Marty (or another preacher) will give a message. At the end of the message, there will be an invitation time when those who desire to make a decision can come forward for to ask for prayer requests or make the decision to be baptized.

Recieving Communion #2We believe in an Open Communion (Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, we call it Communion), in which we invite anyone who has been baptized and believes in the Lord to take Communion together as a family. As the trays are passed, if you do not wish to participate, simply pass the plates. If you would like to take Communion, there are two cups stacked together, one with the bread symbolizing Christ’s body and one with grape juice symbolizing Christ’s blood. Take both cups, pass the trays, and partake when you are ready. We encourage Communion to be a time of personal reflection between you and Jesus.

If this is your first time coming to VCC, please don’t feel the need to put anything in the offering plates. Offering is a time where those who call VCC home can continue worshiping by giving back to God what He has blessed us with. The only thing we ask of our guests is to fill out a newcomer card so that we can get your name and say thank you for coming to our service!

After the service ends with announcements, we like to end with Fellowship Time in the foyer. There are snacks and drinks, and we hope that you will stick around to meet some people! We like to catch up with one another, and we certainly want you to be a part of some great conversations!



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